Formation en Clean

Formation – Clean Emergence
Innovative Pathways organise des formations et des ateliers en « Clean Emergence » dans un cadre résidentiel en Normandie, à la Bouvetière, Lyons la Forêt (27480), ceci en plus des Groupes de Pratique à Paris (75015) :
Les CYCLES CE CLEAN Niveau 1 Facilitateur, à la Bouvetière : 5 modules qui couvrent l’essentiel de Clean Language, Clean Space et Émergence Cognitive. Le 6e module « Évaluation de Compétences » permet au client de s’intégrer à la communauté Clean en France.
Le Groupe de Pratique se rencontre une fois par mois le jeudi à Paris (15e) pour pratiquer ensemble de 10.30 – 16h.
Les Master Classes le 26/1/18, le 13/4/18 et 1/6/18 à Paris
L’Université d’Eté a lieu la dernière semaine de juin pendant cinq jours du lundi au vendredi à la Bouvetière en Normandie.
PART 1 : Organisé par Innovative Pathways et LKB Associates avec le réseau Clean en France, un programme de Supervision avec évaluation pour NIVEAU 2 Maitre-facilitateur
PART 2 : Clean à la française une rencontre avec le UK et la Pologne


3 niveaux de competences en Clean Emergence

LEVEL 1: Le Facilitateur, cursus de 12 jours ou equivalent (cursus nomad) validé par Core Group Trainer + One
LEVEL 2: Le Maitre -Facilitateur, cursus démontrant un engagement professionnel  et de l’usage de Clean dans un champ d’application et assuré par 3 participations au SU . Valider au SU par 3 Trainers.
LEVEL 3: Le Formateur-Superviseur, cursus d’application avec ses propres groupes , démontré une connaissance théorique et une embodiment de l’esprit du Clean. Validé par 6 Formateur-superviseur au SU.
CHEMINS du CLEAN : A User Friendly Guide to Learning Clean UPDATE 27/10/17 JdG
So you have met Clean somewhere, in a book, in an introduction, in an individual session with a Therapist or Coach, at the Salon du Printemps or Summer University or on the Site, U tube or Facebook. Wonderful! And now you are asking yourself how you can learn more.
There are different Paths to suit different Learning Styles. For example, one is a CLASSIC TRAINING TRACK , where you go in a straight line following the Steps below and another is the NOMAD LEARNING TRACK where you take the different Steps proposed below and you do them in any order. You may start with private sessions and researching on the net or you may just turn up at a practice group long before you do a full Training. Both can lead to Certification and are subject to the same Evaluation Process.
STEP 1: LEVEL 1 TRAINING : Facilitator in Clean
You find one of our Certified TRAINERS on the Site and you decide to do the LEVEL 1 Training Clean Facilitator. This is a 12 day training in residential in Lyons-la- Fôret, in Paris, in Brussels, in Manosque, in Saumur, in Warsaw or another town. You choose your dates, place and Trainer. Each Training will present you with the basics of Clean Language and Clean Space with some elements from Emergent Knowledge. The Trainings vary according to the Trainer’s speciality: Therapy, Business Coaching, Life Coaching , Education etc. But the same BASICS will be covered:
Clean Language and Clean Questions that allow Facilitators to learn to step back to follow only their client’s words, metaphors, movements and images. This allows the client to find their own resources without interference from the models of their Facilitator. Just this is a significant learning for most of us as we are so used to thinking we have to know what our client should do. We enter the world of Client-Centered Facilitation.
Clean Language, as used by David Grove, uses 9 simple directional questions delivered with sensitive voice tones that allow the client to enter their inner creative space.
Metaphors and Symbols. David found that when people were troubled they often spoke in metaphorical language and that developing this allowed them to find solutions to their deepest problems without traumatising them. Our favourite symbols guide us!
Clean Space. David’s second gift to us was to find another way to explore our inner maps of reality so we could create many perspectives in a network that then revealed new solutions.
Emergent Knowledge and the Power of Six. David’s last exploration of how to facilitate the Client’s inner Intelligence to stimulate their own creative powers.
So what happens after your first Training, when you want to go on to learn more ?
Well it is Practice, Practice, Practice, as with any discipline. And you approach from different axes.
First, you have a full exploration of your own patterns as a Client. It is difficult to put a number of hours on this but let’s say a minimum of 50 hours.This is the basis for becoming a Master Facilitator Level 2.
Second, you join a Practice Group run by one of the Trainers: usually a day a month in Paris or elsewhere. Or you attend the Open Association Evenings at Forum 104 see info on
Third, you find friends and colleagues who let you experiment with them so you can create your own practice group. You start to find what works for you and where you don’t know what to do.
Fourth, you get even more curious and you go back to another Level 1Training. You can do this with the same Trainer or another Trainer (at half price) as a resource.
Fifth, you come to the Summer University, where you spend three days being both a client and a facilitator and receiving feedback from a team of experienced Supervisors. This is the accelerated learning time used by all the present Core Group.
Now you begin to be clear about your APPLICATION of Clean
Which of these is your Application Field, where you are already a practising professional?
1. Clean Buisness Coaching / Executive Coaching / Team Coaching/ Individual Coaching
2. Clean Life Coaching. General life problems .
3. Clean Therapy Coaching by certified Therapists; eg ECP, FF2P, AMOR, NLP
4. Clean Education Coaching
5. Clean for specific applications eg Anthropology frame for Parents with children with Dravia.
6. Clean for High Performance in Sports
7. Clean with Art
8. Clean with Movement , Body Disciplines, eg Feldenkrais , Yoga
9. Clean and Spiritual Paths
CAVEAT : You will need a legitimate and legal status that is given to you as a professional in your field that is independent of your Clean Training.
STEP 4: CLEAN in your Professional Field
Because each Application has a number of Clean Trainers who use Clean for their speciality, you can contact them by finding them on Site and asking for Supervision. You can read books, see the same site, and if your English is OK you can look at UK Sites or visit a Training with Marion Way or Caitlin Walker at
You can form your own Practice group.
You can attend Master Classes given by different Trainers see Site for details
STEP 5 : CERTIFICATION LEVEL 2 : Master Facilitator in Clean
Then one day, whether you have been a Classic or a Nomad Learner, you decide to get Certified as a MASTER-FACILITATEUR. So you come to the SU with a presentation of your current work in the field and three Trainers will validate your Level 2 competences.
Bonne Voyage!
STEP 6 : CERTIFICATION in LEVEL 3 : Trainer /Supervisor in Clean.
You have used Clean extensively in your current professional practice and now you want to run Clean
Training Groups.
First, you need a Core Group Trainer as your Mentor. You will be asked to attend their Trainings as a resource and you will be given Supervision both on your personal journey and on the interventions in Clean that you are doing.
Again the Summer University is the place to meet a variety of Trainers and to join the Supervision Programme and you will also be invited to the November UK Meeting in Normandy
You will also be asked to join other Trainings for requisite variety.
You can also use the sponsorship of an existing organisation that wishes you to teach Clean in their Centre. This can be for example an established NLP Centre that can see where Clean fits in their overall programme. In this case your mentor will work with your sponsor to monitor your progress.
Your final presentation and demonstration will be to 6 Core Group Trainers who will validate your entry to the Core Group.