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Jennifer De Gandt


Hello, I’m Jennifer de Gandt and I’m the Directrice of Innovative Pathways. I like to bridge ideas from the Anglo-Saxon to the French world. In my professional life I have tracked new ideas starting in Language Teaching then Management Development and Jungian Psychology and NLP, including Zen Buddhism, the Alexander technique and Feldenkrais. I am now deeply involved in the transmission of David Grove’s work.


Since 1997, I have explored David Grove’s three pathways Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge, a methodology that I introduced in France in 2000 and which I am proud to be still transmitting through Trainings, Events and Individual Sessions. My version of this transmission is called “Clean Emergence” and I am offering it to you as a way to explore the pathway from your Thinking to your Experience to your Actions in your world.



Can we change ourselves, our way of seeing others and the world, our paradigms? Can we move from Newtonian Physics telling us that only what is visible, predictable and measureable is real? To the Quantum Mind that tells us that what is real is co-created by us by our inner thoughts and feelings that open us to Consciousness and Unlimited Possibilities?  Exciting?

We can Change! And through Clean Emergence I am offering you helpful processes for crossing the river from Survival Mode to the other side where you discover your Creative Being. The world needs you!


I use the methods and tools of David’s original work and enrich it with my own explorations of inspiring ideas. Some of my most important SOURCES of inspiration: Dr Dan Siegel “Mindsight”, Simon Porges “Polyvagal Theory,” Dr Bessel Van der Kolk “The Body Keeps the Score,” Deb Dana “The Polyvagal Theory and Therapy,” Betty Rothschilde “The Body Remembers,”  “Regulating the Autonomic Nervous System,” and Dr Joe Dispenza “Evolve your Brain: The Science of changing your Mind”. 


The Foundation and Solutions: Basis of Clean Emergence

From 2002-2008 a group of Clean Language enthusiasts met in my home in La Bouvetière to learn together, first with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley and then with David Grove.

Clean Emergence is the name I have given to the original framework David Grove was developing till 2008.

Clean Emergence consists of work in the following 3 domains:

1- Clean Language: using metaphors to access and explore the internal world of a person

2- Clean Space: using space to create networks of differentiated

perspectives that can reveal new insights and solutions

3- Emergent Knowledge (EK): using a set of iterative tools and processes to continually explore and refine new knowledge.

Even though Clean Emergence can be applied to numerous fields such as health care, therapy, body work, sports, management, coaching, and business performance, a strong foundation is essential.

A tree with many branches cannot flourish without strong roots.

I consider myself to be a guardian of the original framework created by David Grove. I offer to the curious, the courageous and the creative a strong foundation to tune-in, understand, and act.

I offer you the stepping stones to step on in the river.

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