“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Chinese Proverbe


Who Am I?

Certified Therapist EAP, FF2P, NLP Trainer and founder of NLPNL and now founder of the Clean Community in France.

Previous Business experience 13 years in Management training in IBM France, then Consultant for HP Grenoble with first NLP Business Course in Europe. Then with EM Lyon in Alcatel-Lucent and elsewhere.

My present mission is to transmit David Grove’s work and to develop my own additions through recent research in Neuroscience, Neuro Biology, Trauma Therapy and Spirituality.  In doing this I hope to inspire you to take charge of your own brain power, regulating your  own nervous system to produce the impact you really want to have in the world. And may you discover the Irresistible Poetry of Being Your Self.



Who are you?

  • You might be someone curious about Clean Emergence.
  • You might be a therapist, a consultant, or a coach.
  • ​You might have seen a demonstration or two and might want to try it for yourself.
  • ​You might want to become a Clean Practitioner.

If your curiosity and thirst for knowledge fuel you in your endeavors, you’re at the right place to learn more about Clean Emergence.

When you are ready to tune-in to yourself, when the time is right, you will feel it.

There are many ways to make this journey. You are the one who chooses the one that works for you.

Check out the following section “The Journey” to find the right pathway for you.


The Journey


If you’ve only heard about Clean Emergence or Clean Language, please check out the different resources available to learn more.

Then, come to a discovery event at Forum 104 hosted by the Clean Language Association. These are free 2 hour events so you can get a small taste of what Clean Emergence can offer.


Level 1: Get Training, Become a Facilitator

I offer a 7 module training in Normandy. Admission is on a rolling basis. This 12-day training will get you certified as a Clean Language Facilitator….

Level 2: Master Facilitator

   Practice, Practice, Practice.

Come to Practice Groups  online with Sarah Scarratt and myself.

Come to the annual Summer University to be supervised as you facilitate clients.

Come to Master Classes in Arcueil to bring your practice to another level.

Summer University is the place to get certified.

Level 3: Become a Trainer or Expert

When you have completed level 2, you’ll have the chance to be sponsored by me to be presented to the Clean Language Association to become an official trainer.

If you prefer using Clean Language as an Expert in your field, you can also be sponsored by me to be presented to the Clean Language Association to become an expert.

Summer University is the place to pass your test.

Level 4: Join the College of Experts

When you have been evaluated by six Trainers, you can join the College of Experts at the Association of Clean Language to become a guardian of the practice. You’ll be able to attend the annual Emergent Knowledge meetings in Normandy and join the Association Bureau to help guide the future of Clean in France.

Join the Community and become a member
of our Association!