INVITEE SPECIALE de Université d’été 2019

Clean Language UK
Transforming conversations, remotely.
Facilitating creative, high-quality interaction, especially with distributed teams

Before arriving at La Bouvetiere I was slightly nervous of meeting this group of super-expert therapeutic Clean facilitators, many of whom had known David Grove very well – while I was a johnny-come-lately populariser with a preference for using Clean in business and other “informal” settings.

But I need not have been concerned – everyone was lovely!

Jennifer and the group made me extremely welcome, while allowing me plenty of time and space to get comfortable in the fantastically beautiful countryside setting.

As a non-French speaker I was especially grateful for the declaration of an English-language day. Thanks to everyone who practised your English with me.


Bringing Clean Communities Together Online
Judy is an expert in using clean language in remote, online situations. She shared with us
• her experiences in exploring clean language online
• the advantages and disadvantages of working online
• different platforms, and forms of working online (synchronous and asynchronous)
• some tips and pointers to get involved, with the help of technology
You can see the slides of her presentation here

She has also invited us to participate in her flagship 2019 online event called “Metaphorium” in November.

In 2018, this event was only in English. This year, with our participation, there will be a dedicated francophone “room” at this event.