During the April 2 session of Pockets of Consciousness, a Zoom meeting format specially created for this uncertain period, Jennifer de Gandt and François Viquesnel explored how Clean Language can help us regulate our empathy level.

Ces séances Zoom sont en français.

The online meeting started with a presentation of the three levels of empathy, and some research about the heart (Heart Math Institut). It continued with practice sessions between pairs, and concluded with an open discussion with all of the participants.

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Learnings from this session:

There are three levels of empathy we can refer to:

Level 1: Emotional Empathy
We feel the same feelings are the other person. We are totally associated, t.

Level 2: Cognitive or Imaginative Empathy
We are in the position of the Observer, where we can imagine being in the other’s shoes without being submerged. We are dissociated, kinesthetically.

Level 3: Unified Empathy
We are in the Unified Field that surrounds all, the electromagnetic field that contains all. We are in contact with the energy of this field which is bigger than us.

Clean, at its basic level, teaches us the first level of empathy is not useful for the therapist, coach or facilitator. We can not be submerged by the feelings of the other.

Clean teaches the second level of empathy. This level of neutrality of the therapist or coach to stay in the position of the Observer encourages the client to manifest his or her emotions in metaphors and drawings. This position allows the client to project his painful affects outside of him or herself.

Clean does not explicitly teach the third level of empathy, even though certain experienced facilitators have demonstrated and used this level of empathy. For example, David Grove had a tangible capacity to share this energy field with, and around his client. His Maori origins certainly enhanced this effect.

What we learned from neuroscience:

1- the heart has an electromagnetic field that is 100,000 times stronger than that of the brain
2- The energetic center of the heart is not emtional, and it’s not the heart Chakra. Physically, it’s found at the center of the sternum. (Source EFT Callaghan)
3- When the Clean facilitator is centered on the heart energy and empty of all the desires to change the client, he or she enters the electromagnetic field that surrounds the client and the facilitator. This field is a source of energy and information. The questions asked by the facilitator come from this field. Another way to describe this is that the facilitator moves from what he/she knows (the Particle level of Quantum Physics) and moves out to the wider field of the Wave where there are just infinite possibilities. It is this level that inspires the shift from problem to new understandings and then back to a new particle solution.

Photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash