In April 23rd’s session of Weekly Pockets of Consciousness, Jennifer De Gandt and François Viquesnel hosted a Zoom meeting that included more than 40 participants.

In this session, we explored trust, to unlearn and learn, to use our body and mind to dissolve past experience to create new conditions for the future.

Cette séance est en français & in English.

Listen to the presentation with two exercises to do starting at 18’28

Listen and do the first short exercise about simultaneous confrontation of negative and positive in English.

Exercise 1

Listen and do the second exercise based on Al Pesso’s work about ideal parents. First part in English, second part in French.

Exercise 2

Inspiration and works cited during this session:

Albert Pesso, Bruce Ecker

More videos about Albert Pesso on this page

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Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash