Cohérence: revenir ensemble

During this week’s Zoom meeting on April 30th, 2020, Jennifer de Gandt and François Viquesnel talked about building resilience and well-being with coherence, how to use the prepared mind for the challenges that have emerged in this new world.

We looked at how we prepared the mind through our past sessions, and proceeded with a Clean Space exercise.

  • Autonomic nervous system : the Polyvagal ladder
    What do you know now about regulating your autonomic nervous system? How do you hold your mind steady when you feel threatened?
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  • The powerful electromagnetic field of the heart
    What elevated emotions are you aware of experiencing lately? (Elevated emotions include gratitude and joy.)
  • The three levels of empathy: emotion, cognitive, and unified
    Which level of empathy is the most familiar to you?
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  • Self Care : focused and unfocused mind
    Clean Language helps us connect with the unfocused mind that scientists and artists know well.
    What do you know now about balancing the focused and the unfocused mind?
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  • Trust, using your mind for healing
    Release our mind from negative experiences (usually from childhood) as data, to recognize the emotional learning that’s false, and then to unlearn this by simultaneously presenting the negative with a positive that’s stronger.
    What do you know now about managing your negative thinking related to past experiences?
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Here’s the condensed Clean Space guided by Jennifer during the session. Take some pen and Post-its, do it at home.

Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash